Field Experience

  • Guiding 301,675 youth through 4,047 Glories HATS Project® workshops to
  • Create 350,000 Glories hats donated to 23 Children’s Hospitals as a symbol of peer-support
  • Awarding 1,485 President’s Volunteer Service Award and 49 Congressional Service Awards to student participants
  • Generating 1,064,000 youth service hours
  • Earning the District of Columbia Public Schools - Public Hero Award in 1999 and 2000 and Virginia 4-H Service-Learning Project of the Year in 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2007
  • Presenting in three peer-reviewed scientific conferences: Society for Neuroscience 2010 and George Mason University’s Bi-annual DC Health Communications Conference 2011 and 2013

Glories Happy HATS, Inc., (GHH) is an IRS designated 501 (c) 3 organization and donations are tax-deductible.

GHH manages and directs all aspects of the Glories HATS Project® and HATS Headquarters® including liscensing and trademark protection.


The Glories HATS Project®

The Glories HATS Project® (GHP®) elevates compassion and empathy in adolescents and develops their process management and critical thinking skills to prepare them for a healthy future and lifelong learning.

GHP® is an out-of-school-time service-learning activity specifically designed for engaged learning, school-community partnerships and family involvement.

GHP® links program sites to children's hospitals in "hands-on" team activities and virtual connections to offer peer support to sick children. Peer-support has the greatest impact on feelings of well-being and positive outlook in hospitalized children with well-being and outlook related to health outcomes.

GHP® goal is to quantify the value added that teen support provides, how it extends hospital resources, and document the psycho-social response of hospitalzed children.

GHP®then reports these outcomes back to participants to increase their feelings of self-efficacy, personal agency, initiative, and community connectedness.


GHP® positions teens as the "sole" source of this highly respected commodity. and provides them with the opportunity to experience pure success.

This commodity is a Glories hat "filled with happy thoughts!" The process of creating Glories hats and the GHP® program curriculum provide youth with an "on-ramp" to strengthening their health literacy, understanding of process management, masterey of 21st Century Skills, development of workforce competencies and build entrepreneurial mindsets in preparation for fast-changing job market.

Glories Happy HATS thanks every sponsor, every donor, every workshop participant, every surgeon, physician and hospital staff member and every Glories hat recipient for the trust shown in our vision and the time allowed to develop a common system to reach and benefit all our children in support of their future.

GHP® offers one-day introductory events for community stakeholders. To find out more:

Please contact us at:

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Our Collaboration

GHP® has a unique and on-going collaboration with Children’s National Medical Center – Neuroscience Unit. 

This collaboration supports children, teens and young adults undergoing neurological diagnosis and treatment and provides powerful service-learning for youth throughout the DC Metro Region.

Our immediate goal is to expand GHP’s® program outreach into 20 middle and high schools throughout the Washington DC Metro Area.

This program delivery configuration, HATS Network, creates ecosystems of empathy, initiative and innovation while strengthening prevention and health literacy, career awareness and social, human and economic capital throughout the region. Hat Delivery to Children's Hospital

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