This note is to thank you so much for coordinating the Glories HATS Project®

My daughter (3) and I were in the hospital for her third chemo treatment for leukemia and she was so afraid and I am still in shock with the diagnosis. I want you to know that the nurse brought out a lovely basket of Glories hats and my daughter picked out one with the little hula girls. She danced the hula through her treatment.

I deeply thank you and the students creating the hats, you made us smile in a sad time in our lives.


GHP® - A Powerful Value Added Connection

Teens are empowered when hospital staff, in virtual and real-time connections, express their appreciation back to teens and how their efforts are positively impacting health outcomes in children isolated by hospitalization. This feedback loop propels youth to better work habits, stronger task persistence, and positive team behavior. While helping sick children, teens learn that their efforts also extend hospital resources and impact hospital health outcomes in the following areas:
  • significantly comfort their patients and caregivers
  • regularly eliminate the need for patient sedation
  • reduce procedural times/durations
  • decrease the number of staff members present for procedures (reducing patient stress) while, in turn, improving:
    • patient compliance,
    • patient-provider communication,
    • patient feelings of well-being and positive outlook
    • successful health outcomes, and
    • potentially reducing patient length of stay

GHP® vision is for every student across the United States to experience pure success that comes from mastering the skills inherent in the Glories HATS Project® production line; working together for a common goal that makes an immediate and long term impact. By providing Glories hats to medical teams serving sick children in their communities, our goal is for these students to take value added process management concepts back out into their communities to successfully address additional challenges.

In turn, GHP's® vision is to communicate to every child hospitalized how strongly their peers care and how they are focusing their skill building to create healthier communities for all children.

Our research shows that as GHP® participants learn first-hand how their actions are appreciated by medical staff, caregivers and patients themselves, they show improved community connectedness, increases in their feelings of self-efficacy, and greater positive initiative towards their collective future.



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