HATS USA - We can do this!

Imagine the value-added impact of GHP® and HATS Network® across the nation --- surrounding every children’s hospital and providing over six million Glories hats, one for every child hospitalized, generated by 18 million caring adolescents in meaningful service as they become problem solvers, capable of collaboratively finding/creating solutions to seemingly intractable problems for us all to act on.

Exporting HATS Headquarters® into urban, suburban, and rural schools as well as hard to reach youth population centers such as housing projects and youth rehabilitation programs communicates to all youth that we value them, we need them, and, as they discover the power in critical thinking, process management, and how to add value, their compassion and self-efficacy will propel them to engage their personal resources towards innovation and careers in working to solve these problems.

Replicating the HATS Network® in partnership with 300+ Children’s Hospitals not only raises national awareness of the power of youth civic engagement, their desire for healthier communities, and the important issue of children’s health and the environment, it will move our country forward when youth see the impact education and innovation has for change, the value that their educational opportunities present at a time when they can really benefit from it and as they understand the mechanics of how they can “do well by doing good".


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