This is an opportunity for true collaboration between after-school networks, program providers, schools, and student leaders.

GHP® is designed as an on-site after-school activity, supporting youth in grades 4 - 12, GED, adjudicated youth programs and workforce readiness initiatives.  Please contact us for more information on how to get started!

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The Glories HATS Project®- Getting Started

GHP® offers an introductory project followed with three implementation levels:

  1. Glories HATS Project® - Introductory kit - decoration + delivery
  2. HATS Headquarters® - full production system + ICT
  3. HATS Network - Throughout Local hospital partners region of care
  4. HATS Network - State level implementation inclusive of multiple children's hospitals and state-wide student engagement

1. Glories HATS Project® - decorating Glories hats only

This introduction to the project is to gauge interest at all levels: students, program directors, school administrators, economic development authorities, Chambers of Commerce, and hospitals and discuss the committment to the project. We will send Glories hats, ready to decorate with pom-poms, ribbons, and needles and thread along with a slide presentation for the decorating event where you can easily present all information.(All Glories hats decorations are sewn on as glue is is latex based and not allowed in hospitals.) Participants will decorate Glories hats, write messages on the hangtags, Quality Control the hats, and present Glories hats to a hospital representative. An event evaluation will collect data for further discussions and implementation planning. Pre-planning support and follow-up with GHP® is required throughout this process.

2. HATS Headquarters® full production system + ICT:

HATS Headquarters® is a turn-key “hat” factory housing all instructions, materials, and machines to run Glories HATS Project® workshops over the course of an academic year or summer program.

The unit is exported onto youth program sites, managed by site staff until students take over (After about six sessions). The unit contains all supplies to create 200 to 1000 Glories hats in weekly, bi-weekly, or daily sessions can provides up to 5000 accessible community service hours for youth in on-site and regularly scheduled sessions. This program can accomodate 10-50 youth to their President’s and/or Congressional Service Award through their civic engagement.


ICT – Information and Communication Technology

GHP's® dashboard and ICT create a framework that connects multiple HATS Headquarter® production sites, allowing participants to explore ICT through the project. Students meet in a virtual space to discuss, consult and coordinate production with other local GHP® sites while advising each other on “best practices”.  (This develops a definite skill set because students who have become process experts on various production steps practice communicating precise information to each other over IT). GHP® sites also create videos filming actual GHP® workshops for hospital staff to show their patients (This involves story telling, writing, creating story boards, staying on message, and creating a final product that shows the energy and teamwork that goes into each hat!). Hospital staff and local sponsors interact virtually with GHP® participants bringing passionate role models, translational research, business content, mentorship, and encouragement in virtual or prerecorded internet sessions.

3. HATS Network - This formula implements GHP® throughout a region activating multiple sites and can encompass several school districts. The HATS Headquarters® unit is exported into multiple predetermined sites with: implementation scheduling, train the trainers, production goals, ICT scheduling and community wide youth leadership award event. This is a public/private collaboration between GHP®, the local hospital, the surrounding school districts, after-school youth program providers, local business sponsors and the regional economic development authority. It becomes very powerful when elected officials distribute the awards to youth.

4. HATS Network Statewide - Raising youth engagement in education and career readiness is a priority in every state. The recent recession and soft recovery requires that youth become self-reliant, entrepreneurial and innovative. GHP® is designed to incorporate universities, community colleges, GED sites and programs for adjudicated youth to build workforce capacity . GHP® interfaces with Federal and State iniatives and works can work through Statewide after-school networks. GHP's® flexible program delivery can be configured for urban, suburban and rural communities.

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