Every Glories hat has a personalized message attached

“Enclosed in this hat is something magical. It’s not going to make you disappear, or make a rabbit come out of it.
The magic in this hat is happiness.  When I made this hat, I thought of everything happy in life and those happy thoughts are now in this hat to share with you.
You can put your happy thoughts in the hat too and it will be the happiest hat in the hospital.
When you are sad, this hat will help you to know I am thinking of you and will help you to be happy. It will protect you from scary thoughts.
I really hope you enjoy this hat I made for you!”

Jarrell, Age 10

Student making hat

Social innovation is a novel solution to value creation that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.



The Glories HATS Project® - A Social Innovation

Some of the hardest problems that we face as humans are social problems: how do we get a group of people to agree on a set of goals and a path to achieve those goals? How do we promote small, individual compromises or sacrifices in the interest of the long term and the greater good?

Since 1997, Glories Happy HATS’s (GHH) goal has been to build a national sense of community in youth in order to build their capacity for critical thinking and innovative problem-solving, increase their levels of functional literacy and galvanize their civic engagement through a process that offers peer-support to sick children.

Our youth’s actual capacity for these skills is heart-breakingly low. However the intense popularity of the Glories HATS Project®, both with the supply side (youth wanting to help sick children) and the demand side (hospitals, physicians and medical care teams) and the recognized national urgency for youth to acquire 21st Century skills, we are excited to present a strategic, sustainable program delivery framework to replicable and scale.

As you will see in our model, as youth enhance their skills, their capacity to extend healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout their communities is increased.

Glories Happy HATS Vision – To ensure the health of our children, their children and their children’s children with the opportunities to develop empathy, self-reliance, self-efficacy and teamwork along with the capacity to identify and access the qualified information and resources necessary to innovate and implement peaceful, resourceful and inclusive solutions to social issues in their neighborhoods and cities, nationally and internationally.

To achieve this vision, we include the following four priorities:

Priority #1: The urgent need to improve adolescent health literacy and direct the community to qualified health information sources on prevention and the environmental impact on children’s health.

Priority #2: The urgent need to prepare all youth with initiative, personal agency, and capacity for successful social and economic integration in a fast-changing job market and a volatile global economy.

Priority #3: The urgent need to cultivate ecosystems of empathy, innovation, entrepreneurship and ICT mastery (Information and Communication Technology) to increase youth self-reliance, self-efficacy and community connectedness to further social innovation thinking for positive social change.

Priority #4: The urgent need to integrate translational research into project-based service-learning activities using ICT to connect student participants with researchers, as role models, to demonstrate STEM applications in real world problem-solving and to encourage youth in formulating innovative solutions of their own.

It is through this lens that Glories Happy HATS introduces the Glories HATS Project®, a common process designed to empower a generation.

Please join with us in providing this opportunity to our youth.

"Most innovations are the result of a conscious, purposeful search, not sudden illumination" - Harvard Business School Press, 2010

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